Weekend Craftaholic Home Page

You found me 🙂 In this great cavernous on-line world we happened to meet! It was destiny…You may have got here by Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Tumblr or maybe just a happy coincidence! Whichever way I’m glad you’re here. I’ve got lots of social channels but each of them are different and unique in their own way and this Blog combines them all. This little space is my online happy place, and a place to share with you the going’s in my real life happy place – my Craft Room.

I’ll share links to online-shops I use on my Shop page and showcase products I’ve tried and tested. My Craft Blog will have step by step process outlines for my crafting projects and where I have created something that I can share, you’ll find them on my Free to Print page. I’m hoping to spend more time Sewing this year, so you’ll start to see activity on my Sewing Page grow too!


As an affiliate member I earn  commission for any purchases made when you purchase via one of my affiliate links. Your support in using my links is greatly appreciated and comes at no extra cost for you. I would never endorse or recommend a product, brand or store that I haven’t used and loved myself.