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New YouTube Posted – UPDATE!

We can't escape the Royals, particularly when there's a Royal baby on the way. The latest news on Megan and her baby shower really sparked controversy so definitely worth a spread in my #2019 Trending notebook. Catch it here and give it a thumbs up 👍 EDIT: UPDATE 1/3/19 Looks like YouTube didn't approve of my… Continue reading New YouTube Posted – UPDATE!

Sewing Blog

Sewing Journal Template

Whilst trying to combine my interest in journalling with Sewing, I was hoping to find a template to use to create my own Sewing tracker. Usually Pinterest and Youtube is full of great inspiration, but maybe the two creative worlds don't collide? Instead I've created my own page template to use, and I'd like to share… Continue reading Sewing Journal Template

Craft Blog

My First Blog Post

Hey, thanks for stopping by! This site will be mainly used to consolidate all my social sites in one, so I've got a central place for my YouTube videos, instagram photos as well any links/documents I may use, share, recommend. If this seems like the kind of blog that would interest/help you - I'd love… Continue reading My First Blog Post