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So I decided to take the plunge and attempt 31 minutes for 31 days. The challenge won’t be finding the 31 minutes of time, but moreover documenting this.

If you’ve not heard of this challenge before, head over to Kellie Winnells’ blog to find out more. The premise is simple, find 31 minutes over 31 days to do something just for you. I have to say I’m super lucky that I have the most supportive family who allow me plenty of Me time. I am an introverted capricorn after all!, that needs this time to refresh my batteries and recharge.

I’ve put together this little list of prompts below, which was a quick 2 minute brain dump of ideas that I know I’ll include. I know most of these will feature in my journal, but I think the benefit of doing this challenge will be the process of documenting; reflecting; capturing aspects of my life that bring me joy.  To me this is just another version of December Daily, Day in the Life, Week in the Life or even Project Life – all of which I really love.

If you love documenting/journalling, why not give it a go too?!

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