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Isassy Makeup Brush Set Review

*Spoiler Alert – You need to get these to replace those Ranger Blending Tools

There’s a whole lot of hype and excitement around the Picket Fence Life Changing Brushes in the craft world. I too got sucked into the rabbit hole after watching them on YouTube and believing that they could indeed be life-changing. I always love the look of blended inks, but I’m a complete novice and always stuff it up.

So, I knew I needed these, that idea quickly dissipated when I popped on Amazon and saw the prices – yikes, not all crafters have endless pockets you know?! Thankfully, as always, there’s a similar product on the market for less than half the price – that’ll do for me 🙂 Enter stage left, my new crafting BFF the Isassy Make Up Brush Set.

These brushes work like a dream.
– They pick up ink much easier than the Ranger Blending Tools,
– Even more impressive [and my favourite part about them] they brush themselves clean – the ink just transfers from the brushes to the paper – which means one set of the brushes does the job. I resisted distress inks for ages, as I didn’t want to have to pay for the blending tools as well, [which lets me honest, the sponges soon get tatty]
– These brushes make it so easy. I’m not usually one to gush about a product – honest! but I actually enjoyed playing around with these brushes, when normally I’m a hesitant mess wanting to get blending out the way, knowing I’d stuff up somewhere.
– The colour spreads so much better, smoother if that makes sense?
– Lastly, I love the way you don’t need to apply pressure when blending

Not convinced? There’s heaps of YouTube reviews out there, but I’m already flagging this as my product of the year – and it’s only March

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