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My latest Layout Process video is up on YouTube here, if you’d like to check it out.

I have a traveler’s notebook with quotes that really resonate with me, and this was a particularly personal one. Although I found the quotes on Facebook months ago, something clicked – I printed them off, and today I got to use them.

While they may seem a little dark, they speak to me of overcoming tough times and inspire me to keep going. Life is, of course, made up of up’s and down’s, but when when you’re in the eye of the storm it’s sometimes difficult to think it will ever end.

Use whatever support network works for you – but please don’t suffer along. If you’re not comfortable talking to friends and family, check out on-line support group, helplines or even see your GP if you’ve been down for a while. Most of us experience dark times throughout our life, some of us need a little help getting through it – never ignore issues or bottle them up, they’ll live with you constantly. Check out this great YouTube video Black Dog if you’re feeling this way.

I’m lucky I have a great support network, and crafting is my outlet to unwind, relax and have some ‘me time’ This layout practically built itself. I put together some supplies beforehand then within 10 mins it was done!

Have a great weekend!

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