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Time to Tidy Up those Embellishments

I’m the kind of scrapper that picks up random sheets of embellishments as I go. I don’t subscribe to kits, but take advantage of sale items whether I need them or not. The problem with this is that I end up with a miso-mash stash which I fail to draw on, simply because there’s too much to plough through when looking for inspiration.

I’d been keeping all my ‘sentiments’ as I call then, grouped them together, so I could pull them out when looking for a tiny word sticker, or phrase to add to a layout. I decided enough was enough, time to organise and make it easy on myself to find exactly what I wanted.

My first step was to pull out all the sheets and separate into categories. I had tiny word phrases, chipboard pieces, vellum, clear, large kaiser sheets that were a mix of phrases, tags, and stickers such as flowers and butterflies.

I had these ring in my stash too, and thought it would be a good idea to use these to bundle up each ‘set or category’. I’d done this previously with my bling and enamel goodies – and it had worked well for me. These are normally hung up on my peg board for easy access.

I punched a hole in the left hand corner to thread the ring through. On some of the sheets, there were stickers still in place, but I simply moved these to another area on the sheet were I’d already used up a sticker and put it in its place. If you really don’t have room to punch a hole, you can glue a card board sheet onto the back of your sheet and punch the hole into that instead.

We’ve got an extra long weekend upon us, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to try out my new organisation hack – if you see my layouts overloaded with goodies, you’ll know its a winner!

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