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Product Review – Waffle Flower Water Media Mat

I’ve got a product review of the new Waffle Flower – Water Media Mat for you!

Waffle Flower – Water Media Mat Product Review

Check my latest YouTube video here where I put the Mat through its paces. Are you curious what medium’s you can use with the Mat? Are you curious if it lives up to the hype? If you’re interested in buying this, but would like an impartial review first – then check out my video. It’s worth 10 minutes of anyone’s time!

If you’ve made the decision to purchase this for yourself, check out I got mine there on sale, and they’ve currently got another sale up to 50% off on all mixed media stock – so it’s a great time to buy.

If you haven’t come across before – I’d recommend signing up for their email newsletter. They have regular sales, and a huge variety of stock – usually for a 24/48 hour period – so you want to get early notification so you don’t miss out