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Go Press & Foil / Creative Detailer – Part 2

Go Press & Foil

Back in May I posted my original video on YouTube as well as my Blog post which showed me unboxing and using the Go Press & Foil machine for the first time. Check out my Blog post here and my YouTube Video here.

I’d always thought I’d do a follow up for the Go Press & Foil – as I knew once I’d got the hang of it, I’d want to experiment with different uses. In my latest YouTube follow up video which you can see here, I’ve followed up with my top ten uses with the machine. I’ve also included a few accessories which are the Metal Shim and the Creative Detailer.

For this walkthrough, I also wanted to include a quick cheat sheet which includes the ‘sandwich’ and times for each type of material. For example, foiling on acetate needs longer than vellum; Foiling on Chipboard is a different sandwich order than using dies; and of course you can use the machine without even turning it on.

If you have some tips of your own you’d be happy to share, I’d love to hear from them. Please leave comments below, or on my YT channel to share with others