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My Etsy Shop is Now Open for Business!

WeekendCraftaholic Etsy Shop

My Etsy show is now open! I’m so excited to share this news with you…

You might be wondering why I have a shop on Etsy? What will I be offering? Why should you check it out?

Firstly I have to say having an Etsy Store was never part of my plan for 2020. Check out my YouTube Video here where I talk reflect on my Crafting Journey in 2019, and my Plans for 2020. Life happens though and whilst it’s good to have a vision, a plan, a goal – it’s also great to have the ability to act on impulse too. This strange world we’re living in a s allowed me to have more time to reflect and think further.

I’ve been working from home, so finally had more time on my hands to get back into my sewing groove. I’ve been getting back into dressmaking while doing a Sew-along on Facebook. The other project I’ve been wanted to upload on my YouTube for some time now is a Bowl Cosy Tutorial. Check it out here.

Whilst developing the Tutorial, I also created a Pattern, and wanted to put together some Instructions – as I know I always make notes to follow, even if I do watch a video online. To cater for individuals who prefer this format, I decided to upload this onto my Etsy.

So that’s where the idea was born from…and now I’ve so excited to create even more, I have so many ideas!

I’d love you to check out my Etsy Store here. You’ll see my Bowl Cosy Download here, and if you feel generous enough to click Favourite Store, you’ll be notified as new items are added.

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