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Below is document library showing all the links scattered throughout my blog posts. These are offered free for personal use but please do not distribute or copy – instead please feel free to use the links below if you would like to share these.

I’d love to hear your feedback if you have used these and found them useful, or if you’d like to make any suggestions for additional ones you’d like.

Date  Comments Link
23/02/19 Keep a journal of all your fabulous sewing creations with handy reference notes for next time you’re asked to replicate it SewingJournalTemplate
05/03/19 Are you a fan of Essential Oils and would like to track your goodies in a Planner? I created an insert to use for any A5 planner but of course you can alter size to fit any planner you may have Essential Oil A5 Planner Inserts
11/3/19 Need a way of tracking your progress on a weight management plan? This insert will come in handy to keep a track of your monthly progress and keep you accountable Weight Tracker A5 Planner Inserts
5/7/19 DIY Craft Kit Checklist, to help putting together craft supplies into a ready to use kit DIY Craft Kit Checklist
7/9/19 Go Press & Foil Cheat Sheet, showing 10 uses and techniques for using with various materials Go Press & Foil Cheat Sheet

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